With the health and wellness industry booming most restaurants have caught on and have started introducing the snazziest superfood salads and sides to their menu making dining out a breeze.

Some of the top restaurants have gone gluten and dairy free as well as fast food chains including a healthy option and more vegan and veggie choices. Not to mention long gone are the days of catching up over coffee and cake now with juice bars on every corner filled with healthy snacks.

You have been invited out for dinner and you are worried about what to order ...

Find out our top tips for eating out and staying on track

  • If you don't know ask. Most waiters will be happy to help

  • Check out the menu in advance and plan your meal before you arrive

  • Swap the sauce for something lighter like fresh lemon or ask for it on the side

  • Don't be afraid to customise to make it suit you. You are the customer after all

  • Salad is usually a safe option but make sure you are including protein and carbohydrates

  • Opt for a grilled option when ordering meat or fish

  • Ditch the french fries and order a plate of greens

  • When ordering a cocktail ask for it with no sugar

  • Let your friends/family know that you want to eat healthy so they can help keep you on track 

If you do want to indulge and order your favourite comfort food, try to be more mindful with your other meals during the day by keeping them lighter to save room for desert!

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