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Top Ten Fitness Instagrammers You Need to Follow

Top Ten Fitness Instagrammers You Need to Follow

Kate Gardner

We live in an age of #fitspo, where all the motivation we could want is at our digital fingertips. It goes without saying that you’re already following SixtyNinety for your regular dose of fitspiration, but if that’s not enough, we’ve rounded up the top 10 fitness accounts on Instagram to keep you on track with your fitness goals.


Kayla @kaylaitsines

Founder of the insanely popular BBG program and Sweat With Kayla app, the Australian star is quite possibly the queen of fitness. Despite having 5.7 million Instagram followers, Kayla has always been clear about wanting to create a community rather than a following, and that’s exactly what she’s done. The global online support network that stems from this one account, as well as the thousands of stunning transformation photos she features, are guaranteed to make you want to get yourself to the gym ASAP.

Carly @carlyrowena

Possibly the UK’s best-loved homegrown fitness aficionado, the chances are you’re following this fitness blogger and vlogger already. Bursting with energy and smiles, Carly’s account is full of workout ideas, healthy meal prep, and a reminder to stay both dedicated and balanced. 

Charlie @therunnerbeans

Even if you’re someone who can’t run for a bus, Charlie’s account will convince you that running is for everyone, and that the elusive runner’s high really does exist. She’s full of helpful tips for both first time and seasoned runners, and the shots of her running alongside the London skyline at dawn will make you want to banish the snooze button for good.

Chinae @getfitbrooklyn

If you like your fitness with sass, girl power and a whole lot of realness, it doesn’t get better than @getfitbrooklyn. Aside from having an aesthetically pleasing feed and a huge amount of #fitspo, Chinae is cringingly candid, up-front honest, and absolutely hilarious. But mainly, she promotes a breed of fitness that is both relatable and achievable for everyone, and puts body positivity and self-confidence centre-stage.   

Mickey @plantsandplanks

If you’re into the monochrome aesthetic, you’ll like Mickey’s feed instantly. The San Francisco-based graphic designer has created a visually stunning account dedicated to plant-based fitness. Whether you’re vegan or not, her gorgeous smoothie bowls, pastas, and bright fruits and juices – enjoyed after a tough plyometric workout, of course – will convince you that plants really can help feed your fitness.

Molly @progresspure

The former cardio bunny took up weight training last year and never looked back. She’s even released her own training plan, the Progress Pure Curve Guide, and her account is full of tips and advice for girls who want help navigating the weights room and don’t know where to start.

Jessamyn @mynameisjessamyn

Jessamyn, a yoga instructor and self-titled ‘fat femme’, oozes energy, positivity, and body confidence, and proves that you can be active and happy whatever your shape, size and identity. This is a refreshingly different kind of fitness account, and one that is much needed to counter the one-dimensional image of fitness that is often promoted.  Follow for peace, love and positivity.

Felicia and Diana @basebodybabes

If you’re still unsure about using weights in your workouts, Aussie sisters and personal trainers Felicia and Diana will convince you it’s time to start. The toned, tanned duo are big advocates of lifting heavy with minimal cardio; having built a successful business through their gym in Sydney and their online training platform, it’s fair to assume they know a thing or two about shaping the female body. Their Instagram game is strong, too, but prepare to get serious ab envy.

Grace @gracefituk

If you’ve ever wanted a bigger bum, this is the account to follow. In fact, Grace’s whole body is serious fitness goals, but thankfully for us she shows us exactly how to get it, by posting all her workouts on Instagram. Funny, down to earth, and seriously hot.

Cat @catmeffan

The ultra-bendy yoga instructor, jewellery designer and fitness blogger is clearly a woman of many talents, and a perfect example of what a motivated and hard working woman can achieve both in fitness and in your career. Not to mention, her gravity-defying insane flexibility will make you regret ever skipping your post-workout stretches.

Kate Gardner

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