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The Barry's Bootcamp Experience

The Barry's Bootcamp Experience

Aline Limac

Ever wondered what it's like to step into the world famous Barry's Bootcamp?

Keep reading to find out what really goes down in the red room.

Branded as ‘The Best Workout in the World’ Barry’s first became famous in the star studded Hollywood. Now with locations all over the world Barry’s has a following that includes A-list celebrities and even Olympic athletes. Rumour has it that you can sometimes catch one of the Beckhams doing burpees next to you and find yourself sprinting next to Mr Harry Styles.

From the moment you walk in the studio vibe is hardcore with industrial grey walls and a very minimalistic vibe. You sign in at the front desk where you find out what number treadmill or bench you are starting at and pre order a post workout shake.

You can register for class one week in advance and pick your favourite spot in studio - but be fast, classes are renowned for selling out as soon as they go live.

You are given a towel and then can head straight for the changing rooms to get ready for a beating.

As soon as the clock strikes you head into the dim studio lit up with red lights and find your position. You can either start on treadmill or floor depending on if you want to run or do strength training first. Be prepared to be shouted at as the trainers do not hold back in pushing you to your maximum effort.

The class is split between rounds and the length depends on what the instructor decides. What I love is that no two classes are the same which keeps things exciting and makes you always want to go back… even if you struggled to walk the next day.

Each day is focused on a different body part and the weekly schedule goes something like this…

Monday: Arms + Abs

Tuesday: Butt + Legs

Wednesday: Chest, Back +Abs

Thursday: Hard CORE Abs

Fri/Sat/Sun: Full Body

By focusing each day on a new body part means you can train back to back and target a new area. This is one of the big reasons I believe Barry’s is as popular as it is as I myself have been caught going 3-4 times a week to train a new body part.

From 30 minute runs to 30 second sprints, every time you hit the treadmill you have something new in store for you. The Woodway treadmills go up and they go fast so be ready to run for your life whilst staring straight at your competition… YOU.

With mirrors everywhere you can really check your form and push yourself that little bit harder. When attending group classes it is extremely important to make sure you have the correct technique to avoid injury as the trainer cannot look at 50 people at once.

After a heart racing HIIT blast you can head straight for the showers that are stocked with Malin+Goetz beauty products and fresh fluffy towels.

The Fuel Bar has a long list of shakes suitable for all diets and include some delicious flavour combinations such as peanut butter jelly and chocolate orange. I had a sneak peak at the calorie list and some of the nut butter based shakes have up to 500+ calories in them, so try to choose wisely after all that hard work.

With two locations in London (Central & East) and classes from 6am to 9pm there will always be a class that suits your busy schedule.

So what are you waiting for?! Put on your favourite SixtyNinety active wear and get ready to be Barry'd. 

Aline Limac

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