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LaurenFitness On Her Journey to Become a Bikini Athlete

LaurenFitness On Her Journey to Become a Bikini Athlete

Aline Limac

Online coach and Instagram superstar Lauren Tickner shares her journey to the UKBFF bikini stage and what it really takes to become an athlete.

At only 19 years old Lauren not only runs her Instagram @_LaurenFitness but also is an online fitness coach. Lauren is off to uni at the end of the year but she's got some big plans up her sleeve first so keep reading to find out more ...

Whats keeping you busy these days?

I am currently an online personal trainer! I have a close relationship with my clients, and I never, ever give them cookie cutter plans. I want them to get results in the best way for THEM, and ensure that they stay on track! I have weekly check-ins with them whereby I update their training and macronutrients, but only if necessary! And if they ever need help during the week I will reply to their messages, often within the hour! I absolutely love seeing their progress, and hearing how I am totally transforming their lives just makes me so incredibly happy.

I am going to be going to University in September (I am 19 years old so I'm kind of on a 'gap year' at the moment... as I started working at an investment management firm straight after my A-Levels and was NOT happy, so I quit). I am so excited to learn more, grow as a person and meet new people!

Who is your biggest inspiration?
Myself. I am my own motivation. I am constantly wanting to improve on myself and develop myself as a person. I think that intrinsic motivation is so important in order for long term success, and so is education. The more you know, the more you want to know, and the more capable you are to push yourself to your limits. The only way you can find intrinsic inspiration is really being passionate about something. I am always motivated and inspired to do the things I do, because I ENJOY them. If I only went to the gym to prevent myself from gaining weight, I would need to find inspiration elsewhere. Of course there are times when I am having a bad day and have to hype myself up for a set of squats, for example, but generally.. I am inspired to live how I do because I love this lifestyle.


One thing you need in your fridge/kitchen cupboard?

What goal are you working towards?

I am currently on prep for a bikini-fitness bodybuilding competition. I have literally just done my first ever one (did this on Saturday- the UKBFF English Grand Prix) and I had the time of my LIFE. It was a HUGE competition which my friend talked me into doing, and the standard was ridiculously high.. but I am so proud to say that I got in shape for it in a HEALTHY and balanced way- I still ate chocolate every day, and included things like Reece’s PB cups into my macros!

The competition on Sunday is going to be awesome because I cannot wait to get up on stage again! And then after, I will be bumping my calories WAY up in order to put my body fat at a sustainable and healthier level! :)

Favourite Sixty Ninety piece?

 The Push Up - White Leggings from the new collection are amazing!

Don't forget to follow Lauren on Instagram @_LaurenFitness as she preps to take to the stage for another bikini competition!

Aline Limac

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