Born in Brazil - Raised in London

Hey girls ...

If you haven’ already seen it for yourself the new SixtyNinety Labels collection has landed and oh how we love it.

Did you know that our products are fair-trade and both our textiles and clothing production is 100% made in Brazil.

You SixtyNinety girls will know how our active wear is not only comfortable but also extremely high quality which makes it suitable for the toughest of workouts.

Our new collection is multidimensional, loud and luxurious! We have used wet-look fabrics, mesh material and even laser-cut details.

We want to empower women and power your workout by creating clothes that are not only sexy but sustainable!

Get fit & feel fearless!

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  • SixtyNinety

    The SixtyNinety Brand was born in Brazil and raised in London. Its name was inspired by the classic myth of 60-90cm as a woman’s ideal body measurements. Our challenge is to bypass that limit. Every woman’s body is beautiful and naturally unique.