Courtney Black – My journey into fitness

Hey! Firstly, let me introduce myself… I’m Courtney, one of bloggers here at SixtyNinety. I’ll be writing weekly blogs on all things fitness! Im so excited to be writing for such a cool, up and coming brand that I feel will really take off this year.

You may be thinking ‘who the hell are you!?’… I’m a fitness, fashion and real life blogger and a fully qualified personal trainer, I have also previously competed in bikini bodybuilding. I’m a huge lover of lifting weights, wearing pretty gym clothing and stuffing my face with lots of delicious foods… (Especially peanut butter!)

My fitness journey started when I was very young as I attended performing arts school taking various classes such as ballet, tap etc. I then (when I was 13 till the age of 16) went on to Latin and Ballroom dancing, where I competed nationally and to other couples from all over the world! I decided when I was 16 I no longer wanted to spend 3 hours per night and my entire weekend in the dance studio and just wanted time with my friends – being a teenager! I completely left the fitness world for about 2 years during which I partied, socialised and just had a lot of fun.

During this time, I gained quite a lot of weight and began to dislike the way I started to look and feel. I went in the complete wrong direction and crash dieted, loosing tons and tons of weight (unhealthily) by doing obsessive amounts of cardio and eating very little calories. At my lowest weight I weighed 45.5kg with a very low BMI and I was very unhappy. I would receive abusive messages on social media and my friends and family would constantly tell me how worried they were about me and mention how bad my mood swings were getting.

I was in such a low place and hated myself even more than I did when I was heavier. My relationship suffered from it and I ended up splitting up with my boyfriend, which really made me open my eyes and realise how ridiculous I was being and how unnecessary it all was.

I slowly but surely sorted out my attitude towards food and fitness. After qualifying as a personal trainer, I could use my knowledge in nutrition and fitness to sort my diet and my training. I slowly upped my calories and reduced the amount of time I spent in the cardio club :)

Training for me now is my passion, it’s a way to escape the outside world and for the hour you spend training, nothing else matters except that new personal best!

Having made this change in my life, it makes me want to help girls who are in the same position that I was. I really do put emphasis on how important it is to enjoy life and enjoy fitness rather than making it an obsession or a chore. I feel ten times happier and look a lot better and healthier having changed my approach to fitness and nutrition (not to mention my butt looks a lot better in the SixtyNinety leggings!)

Talk soon,

Courtney Black

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  • Ellice Holt

    Hi Courtney, hope your well. My name is Ellice and I am interested in your PT lessons. Can you just explain a little bit about what you do and how much you charge ect. I work in London so I would need to do mornings or late nights but I live in Chadwell Heath so Hainault isn’t to far. Thanks

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