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Dance Away with Healthy Fit Fran

Dance Away with Healthy Fit Fran

Aline Limac
Frances Katz (known as Healthy Fit Fran) is more than a triple threat theatre star. She is fusing her passion for dance and fitness and inspiring Londoners to move and shake! Fran is a blogger on the rise to incredible things so we just had to find out more...

What does a day in the life of Fran look like?

A day in life for me is always quite manic, or in better words: NON STOP! I always like to wake up early, it helps me to refresh my brain and set my goals for the day. From Monday to Friday I train full time starting at 8:30am till usually 4:00 or 6:00pm. I then usually go to the gym and work on my strength and if I am not in the gym I would be teaching. My day usually finished at around 8:30pm (when I normally get home) and then spend time doing some healthy and wholesome cooking or meal prepping for the week, depending on how busy I am. I usually go to bed quite late (not a very good thing!) In which I am trying to work on and make myself get some more sleep for my body.

What is exciting you most right now in life?

Right now, life is taking me through a very moving journey: I am about to finish my professional 3 year course as a Dancer and Musical Theatre Performer at Laine Theatre Arts. This is a very big thing for me, as it will be whole new chapter, once I graduate. Over the last months I have been doing lots of auditions and getting a taster of what if feels like to be a "Dancer" searching for a job. I must say it is pretty scary but at the same time very exciting as you never know where life will take you.

I am also trying to expand my name in the Health and Fitness Industry as "HEALTHY FIT FRAN" (Fitness Instructor and Blogger) I have been working very hard to get my name out there, and I am finally feeling that I am reaching my goals. I currently teach in Gymbox and other gyms round London and in regards to blogging I have been very busy writing blogs and doing some collaborations with brands.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

My biggest inspiration is Dancer and Fitness Artist: Nicole Winhoffer, creator of the NW Method (dance and toning fitness class), Stella McCartney & Adidas Global Ambassador and also known for being Madonna's Personal Trainer. Who I was so lucky to meet last year, and then visit her in New York and train with her side to side.

I remember a few years ago I spotted her on a magazine, and from that day onwards I completely fell in love with this woman, not only because of who she is, but because of her work,  passion and her drive for dance and fitness.

To me she is a clear example of a strong and empowering woman!

One thing you need in your fridge/kitchen cupboard?

The one thing that I can not live without is my coconut oil. I used every single day, and not only in cooking, but also for my hair and skin. I have a deep love for coconut oil on toast with a pinch of sea salt! (it's truly the most amazing thing ever - if you have not tried this before give it a go!!

Favourite kind of workout?

My favourite kind of workout would be anything that has dance related to it... If I am being honest my favourite workout of the week is when I teach on Saturdays at GO GYM in Sutton, where I combine a workout using dance and sculpting movements, this is a concept that I have created myself and that I am hoping to expand. One thing for sure, you will come out of the class absolutely dripping!

Do you have a favourite protein powder for post workout recovery?

My favourite protein powder is the NAKED CHOCOLATE from THE PROTEIN WORKS, the taste is absolutely amazing and in terms of ingredients it is really clean. It is WHEY PROTEIN based and uses stevia for sweeteners.

Do you have a secret talent?

Secret Talent... (Hahaha!) well I can sing (and sing and dance at the same time!!) I never thought I would be saying this a few years ago, but this is definitely a talent that I have discovered over the last years. I always enjoyed singing but I was always quite embarrassed to do it in front of people, but now that I have been training professionally things have changed. I must confess that my best singing will still always be in shower though.

Full length leggings or capris?

I am a "shorts" type of girl! I always find it very hard to find the right fit for me when it comes to leggings, that's why shorts are always easier for me. And I love showing off skin! (I think this is a dancer thing of mine), and if I could I would wear shorts all year round.

Favourite Sixty Ninety piece?

I don't think I have one favbourite piece, I mean! everything is so beautiful!! But some of my favourite pieces are the MESH SPORTS BRA and the PYTHON CROPPED TOP

Where can we catch you training?

My favourite studio in London would have to be 1REBEL and PSCYLE. I have developed a big love for riding and I love the energy and the power both of these studios offer.

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Aline Limac

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