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Find out how to get fit like Lily Fortescue

Find out how to get fit like Lily Fortescue

Aline Limac

You may have read about her in the papers or caught a glimpse of her chilling in Chelsea but Lily let's us in on a day in the life of a fashion and fitness influencer - working out and and working hard! 

Whats the first thing you do in the morning to get you ready for the day?

Coffee and lots of it. My eyes don't open and my body doesn't move without it. 

Favourite kind of workout or way to sweat?

Conditioning and strength training. I used to only do cardio and had no ass or shape to my body, the moment I started to lift weights I became leaner and needed to workout less as it keeps burning all day!

As a SixtyNinety girl, whats your favourite piece? 

Everything from the mesh range! The hot pink mesh bra and the new neoprene coral bra I LOVE! 

Do you have a favourite restaurant if so where?

Yes, Le petit Maison! The food is outrageous.  If I'm not being spoilt then for me I love the Good Life Eatery (us too Lily)

Almond butter or peanut butter?

PEANUT BUTTER. No question!! I am hooked. In a shake, with a spoon... or even my finger!

Do you have an ultimate go to cheat meal?

Pizza and macaroni & cheese at the same time.

Do you have a favourite Instagram account?

Rat and Boa is insane... check it out!

Who is your biggest inspiration?

Women who get up and get shit done! With kids, without kids, just women that move and talk and think and inspire me to constantly push myself! To name a few.. Alison Loenis, Kim Hersov and Iza Goularts workout videos... PFFTT

Thanks for catching up with us Lily! Get inspired to get lean like Lily by following her on Instagram to see her latest workout videos and how to keep it fashionable in active wear!

Aline Limac

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