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Getting to know @QTARA

Getting to know @QTARA

Aline Limac

Personal trainer by day, spin instructor by night this Instagram babe does it all! Not only is Tara winning over the West London fitness community with her infectious personality and killer abs she is also making a name for herself as a DJ. We caught up with Tara after she touched down from Ibiza to see what she's been up to …

Whats keeping you busy these days?

I’ve taken up DJing on vinyl as a hobby and I absolutely LOVE it! I’m thinking about looking into booking a gig sometime soon, watch this space!

Whats your favourite kind of workout or way to sweat?

The spontaneous workouts! The ones where you either have an hour to spare and you head to a class you’ve never been to before or you get to the gym and decide to do something different, or workout with someone new. I love those sessions!

Do you have a favourite restaurant if so where?

Being both a foodie and a geek, I’m almost embarrassed to say that I have a spreadsheet (yes, a spreadsheet) of restaurants. I date them, rank them, add comments etc. My favourite restaurants around the world are:

China House in Bangkok

Trisara in Phuket

Nozomi in London

Bazaar at the SLS in Los Angeles

Tara whats your favourite SixtyNinety piece?

The Amethyst leggings

Do you have a favourite Protein powder flavour or brand?

KMPT nutrition vanilla whey protein, it’s by far the best tasting whey protein on the market and the ingredients are fab too!

The age old question… almond butter or peanut butter?

Almond, always!

Do you have an ultimate cheat meal?

I’m not the kinda girl who has cheat meals. I allow myself to eat things that I’d class as “not the healthiest” from time to time but I don’t like to think of a not-so-healthy meal as a cheat meal, I find that it encourages guilt, which isn’t healthy for the mind! My absolute weakness when it comes to junk food is chocolate. Being of Belgian heritage, it comes with the territory.

Full length leggings or capris?

Full length or short shorts, it’s all or nothing for me!

What goal are you currently working toward?

Being able to do more with my bodyweight. My current goals are more calisthenics based i.e. perfecting my handstands, being able to lift into a handstand from straddle position, nailing a human flag, muscle ups etc. To achieve this I’m learning a lot about technique and building strength in the right areas.

Do you have any advice for someone wanting to become a spin instructor

It’s all about personality, and love of music helps! The course is only a weekend and it’s not very expensive, so if you’re thinking about qualifying my advice is JUST DO IT!

Instagram @QTara

Blog Tara.fitness

Where to find her Core Collective & Equinox

Aline Limac

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