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What’s in my grocery bag

What’s in my grocery bag

Aline Limac

By Courtney Black

So, as you can guess, I go through A LOT of food each week. I like to try and buy everything fresh (vegetables, fruits, breads, grains etc) and then have lots of frozen meats and back ups ready so I’m never without any food. I have a very high protein diet with a varied split of carbohydrates and fats, so my shopping trolley normally looks very colourful!


  1. Chicken is a staple food in my diet. There are normally 20-30 frozen chicken breasts in my freezer at a time. I would say I eat one serving of chicken pretty much every day as I like to add fats on the side (such as avocado) rather than having a fatty protein source.

  2. Eggs: I cannot even explain how many eggs I go through in a week! I usually consume more egg whites than whole eggs although I do eat both… regularly.

  3. Lean beef mince: I get the leanest steak mince possible to reduce saturated fats in my diet and love having this in chilli, pasta dishes and on sweet potato. 

  4. Beans… also a carbohydrate source, but are very high in protein. I have beans every day if possible as they are so high in fibre and goodness (black beans, baked beans, kidney beans etc)

  5. Salmon: My favourite type of fish!


  1. Salmon…

  2. Peanut butter/Almond Butter/ Cashew… EVERY TYPE OF NUT BUTTER! Can you tell I’m addicted?

  3. Normal nuts… I just must be pretty nutty…

  4. Avocado: forgetting all the amazing health benefits and healthy fats… they taste amazing!

  5. LIDL high protein roll… okay so if you haven’t tried one of these you will not know what I’m talking about. If you live near a LIDL, then definitely grab some of these, they are made from linseed, flaxseed and not too sure what else but they are SUPER fluffy (like real bread) with only 10g carbs (all of which are fibre), 29g protein and 12g healthy fats.


  1. Beans: these are my staple carbohydrate source. They are super high in fibre which, for me, is very important, which makes them super filling and low calorie.

  2. Sweet potato: I love sweet potato; I actually prefer it to white potato. Top tip: cover in some goose fat and roast for perfect Sunday roast potatoes!

  3. Whole grain tortilla wraps: sometimes I just fancy something simple like a wrap, or a burrito, rather than boring chicken and rice!

  4. Fruits and vegetables: the most important carbohydrate of all. Staples in my diet are blueberries, raspberries, bananas, pears, kiwis, broccoli, green beans, peppers, tomatoes, spinach and carrots.

  5. Brown/ Basmati rice (sorry quinoa lovers… I am not a fan!)

So that’s just a quick look into what my groceries look like for a week… along with a lot of bad stuff that I like to have as ‘treats’.

What’s in your shopping cart?

Aline Limac

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