No Gym. No Problem…

By Courtney Black,

So many people use excuses to not work out. The two most popular excuses are ‘I cannot afford a gym membership’ and ‘I don’t have time’. These are both fair excuses, you may not be able to fit a membership into your budget, and you may have children, an intense job with long hours etc, but that doesn’t mean you cannot work out.

Home workouts: Some sort of workout is better than no workout at all. I often do home workouts when I cannot fit in the gym or when a gym isn’t available. You can easily work out at home by doing HIIT circuits, bodyweight movements, or buying some dumbbells/ kettle bells and doing some weights at home! You can fit in a workout at home while the kids are watching their favourite TV show and it is free… try this workout at home:

Circuit 1

30 seconds- Jump squats

10 second rest

30 seconds- Alternate jumping lunges

10 second rest

30 seconds- Ski jumps

10 second rest (repeat 3 times)

Circuit 2

30 seconds- Mountain climbers

10 second rest

30 seconds- Burpees

10 second rest

30 seconds- Plank walk out

10 second rest (repeat 3 times)

This workout is a fat burning HIIT workout which will only take 20-30 minutes and works the whole body!

Park workouts: Parks are great for working out, you can use all different things (logs, swings, monkey bars) to get a great workout in. Not only can you do a HIIT workout like above, you can also use things such as logs/benches for step ups and jump squats, monkey bars for pull ups and you can even get yourself a TRX or some resistance bands and get a really intense workout in. I would suggest investing in a TRX which you can hang from a tree and doing all sorts of leg (squats, lunges, one leg pistol squat), back (rows, chin ups, push ups) etc.

Work out with your kids! If your problem is you cannot fit the gym around your children, then exercise in a way that you can involve your children, e.g. using the park, going swimming, going on hikes, ADVENTURES! 

There is no excuse for not working out, there are so many YouTube videos showing home workouts etc, exercise DVDs and classes etc that you literally cannot get away from fitting in a workout!

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