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Q&A With Blogger Courtney Black

Q&A With Blogger Courtney Black

Aline Limac

By Courtney Black. 

Lots of you ask me so many questions daily about my diet, training, how I fit fitness into my lifestyle etc. I thought what better way to answer all you sixty ninety girls’ questions than with a question and answer! Here are the top 5 questions I am asked on a daily basis.

How do you keep motivated?

Motivation, for me, comes from results. When I see results, it motivates me to keep going and carry on. Although you need to initially be motivated to see the results right? So how would I start... Give yourself one goal at a time and do everything you can to achieve that. Put incentives in place to help you achieve the goal (when you loose one stone you can buy the top you want for example) or better yet, set consequences in place (if you don’t make your 3 gym sessions this week, you have to stay indoors on the weekend!) whatever works best for you!

How often do you train? And what’s your workout split?

I train 5/6 times per week, depending on how busy I am. I like to train legs 2 or 3 times per week splitting glutes and hamstrings, quads and calves and then a ‘booty pump’ day (where I do all glutes isolation exercises). I then split my remaining two days as triceps back and abs and back and biceps, adding cardio on the end of 3 of my sessions for a quick 20 minutes.

Do you track macros?

80% of the time I do track macros. But sometimes, I take a week off and follow ‘intuitive eating’ where I eat what I feel my body needs, when it needs it.

What is your calorie intake?

I prefer not to share my calorie intake as I am not keen on girls following the same amount of calories as me, this is because everyone needs different amount of each macronutrient and calories depending on the amount of exercise they do daily and their statistics. But to give you a baseline, because I am trying to build muscle, I have my daily maintenance calorie intake plus 4-500 calories each day.

How do you fit training into your lifestyle?

I work full time, from 9am-5:30pm in an office. I train before work from 6am to around 7:30am depending on what I am training (leg day is generally longer than the rest). I always meal prep my meals when I am at work and always ensure I am in bed by 9:30/10pm so I am not tired at work and have energy to train. I also juggle online nutrition and transformation clients, my fitness and fashion blogging and a social life in my time that I am not at the desk! I am very busy, but I like it!

I hope this article was helpful to all you lovely ladies, and if there is any topics in particular that you would like me to cover, please feel free to let me or SixtyNinety team know.  

Aline Limac

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