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How to build up a social media fitness following?

How to build up a social media fitness following?

Aline Limac


I get asked so many times how I managed to build up my following on social media. For me, it didn’t happen over night, I gain about 200 new followers every few days, simply by uploading new pictures, videos, things I find funny, sharing my life etc. I post mostly about fitness… my ‘post workout selfies’, food pictures, videos but I also mix in fashion, beauty and just general lifestyle posts. Here are my tips on how to build a fitness following (in particular):


  1. Be likeable… if your going to post videos, pictures etc make sure you interact with your followers. Let them know where your outfit is from, answer back to their questions… just general social activity!

  2. Share your workouts! I get tons of comments and followers when I post workout videos, people love learning new exercises and some people just have no idea where to start at the gym. I still watch other girls videos on Instagram and YouTube on how they train and new super sets etc.

  3. Post all different types of meals. don’t just get stuck on posting your protein pancakes. People will get bored. We all don’t live on the same thing and sometimes it's off-putting if people see someone eating the same thing every day, they might think that’s how you have to eat to be fit!

  4. Show the highs and lows of your training… having an off day? Still post about it! Let people know that its OK to not be on top form every day!

  5. Post for companies and tag them, even if you don’t get offered clothing, supplements etc. When your first starting out. If you buy a new workout top or a new protein, make sure you tag the company, this could lead to them reposting you, which leads to more followers… win win!

  6. Start a YouTube channel: I find this so useful for interacting with my followers. People like to know more about you and your personality… what better way than in a Vlog? Let them learn more about you!

Whether you have 5 followers or 50,000 followers, you are making a difference in someone’s life and attitude to fitness by posting about your journey!

By Courtney Black

Aline Limac

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