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From the Studio to the Street

From the Studio to the Street

Aline Limac

By Jade Joselyn

Everybody knows active wear is the new black right….? 

I mean nothing ever really beats your favourite pair of black of leggings, you know the ones that I mean - the ones that you wish you could wear everyday and nobody would notice.

Well now you can! The active wear trend has officially taken over with more and more women ditching the jeans for Lycra.

So why is active wear so popular? And how can active wear be the answer to maintaining both your lifestyle and your waistline?

Well first up, let’s admit it…. leggings are sexy. 

Why should we hide our gorgeous bodies in baggy tracksuits or flared jeans?

Leggings are not only far more comfortable but they also help to accentuate your legs (and keep everything else in - win win). 

Leggings provide such versatility and you can be ready to take on whatever the day has in store for you - perfect for the busy life of the modern woman in today’s society.

Sweat them up in the studio and then simply add a pair of knee high boots and a blouse and hey presto you’re ready for dinner! 

Or alternatively, if you’re more of an early riser and like to have that pre-work workout then simply add a pair of ballet flats to your leggings, top it off with your favourite tank top and blazer and you are ready to hit the office.

Accessories such as watches and jewellery can really help to glam up your outfit and ensure you never compromise your style.

Active wear may be seen as “gym kit” but you don’t have to be hitting the gym every day to wear it. A cosy knit sweater and shoulder bag can transform your look and will completely disguise the fact you are wearing your “gym kit”.

Why punish yourself in tight uncomfortable jeans? Active wear is the answer!

In short it is important to remember that body confidence is beautiful and long gone are the days where the weights section is strictly for men.

The active wear trend has blossomed in recent years, with women becoming more frequent users of gyms and more importantly more regular users of the weights sections. Boutique fitness studios have become the new hang-out hot spots with many swapping their weekly catch up cocktail for a protein shake or juice.

Having said all that, we aren't saying you shouldn’t let your hair down sometimes and enjoy a good night out but just don’t forget your Dance All Night Sixty Ninety Leggings and your Take Me Out Cropped Top :) 



Aline Limac

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