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Bust that weight loss plateau

Bust that weight loss plateau

Victor Spinei

By Courtney Black.

We all have experienced this at some time. Weight loss will happen quickly and you will loose of the unwanted weight in the first part of your journey, and then begins to slow down. Annoying right?

So how do we get around this?

How do we bust the weight loss plateau?

First of all, switch up your diet, try all different new things such as carbohydrate cycling, back loading your carbohydrates, eating different foods, and then switch up your workout plan.

Add in some advanced techniques:

  1. Super sets: complete two exercises back to back with no rest (using the same muscle group). This is great for further fatiguing the muscle therefore increases endurance and helps push through plateau. Examples: chest press SS pectoral flies, leg press SS goblet squat.

  2. Pyramid training: (ascending, descending or full pyramid), ascending is when you increase the weight each set and decrease the reps, this fatigues the muscle and pushes through plateau (my favourite exercise for pyramid training is barbell squats). Descending pyramids start with a heavier weight and lower reps and decrease down to light weight with high reps. As you can probably guess, a full pyramid is ascending and descending back to back.

  3. Pre-Exhaust: perform an isolation exercise back to back with a compound exercise (e.g. pectoral fly with chest press). The pre exhaust will force the muscle to recruit fast twitch muscle fibres, helping strength and hypertrophy training than the compound movement alone.

  4. Post-Exhaust: is the same but in the opposite order, and is the most common and preferred as allows all the energy to be used on the compound movement (therefore better form is used). Further fatigues the muscle and stimulates more motor units to be recruited. Busting though that plateau.

Try different styles of cardio. Switching from HIIT one day to LISS the next…


High intensity interval training. For example, sprinting for 30 seconds and then resting for 30 seconds for a total of 10 minutes. HIIT is a massive craze at the moment and people love it as it’s a quick way to add in cardio for maximum fat loss.


Low intensity steady state cardio. For example, walking at a moderate speed for 40 minutes on a high incline. Puts your body into fat burning heart rate zone. Equally as good for fat burning, although not great if your short on time.

Want to know more? Feel free to reach out to me on social media @COURTNEYDBLACK or email me! #SixtyNinetyCourtney



Victor Spinei

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